Wedding in the Japanese style

modern japanese weddingJapanese wedding dress. This is probably the most romantic and memorable day in the life of every person. White dress the bride and groom’s tailored clothes attract admiring glances of people invited to the wedding. These happy moments, the young will be remembered for years to come. I so want to make this day a truly memorable and extraordinary. How will this happy day – it all depends on the organization of the wedding event.

As you know, weddings are different and depend largely on the tastes of the bride and groom, as well as adherents of any faith are young. In recent years, besides the traditional Russian wedding with bride, began to organize the unusual and exotic wedding events. Began to enjoy great popularity in the Japanese wedding style cuisine – rolls, wasabi, and, of course, sushi.

And, many young couples who are particularly interested in the culture of this mysterious country, they want to conquer their guests the Japanese cuisine and its traditions. But for a wedding in the Japanese style, you need to choose not only the appropriate menu, but also the japanese wedding dress accessories .japanese wedding dress

How is the japanese wedding dress and wedding ceremony itself takes place in the Japanese style? By tradition, the wedding ceremony, that is, a marriage, there must be only the closest relatives of the bride and groom. The rest of the invited guests joined already in the restaurant, where the wedding will take place. But we know that the wedding – it’s more of a hassle and, therefore, it is better to order a Japanese restaurant, as there will be not only a Japanese-style, but proper cooking Japanese food.

And now comes the time when the restaurant hall for exciting music comes the bride and groom, in whose hands the wedding handbag. And then, the guests sit together with the newlyweds at the wedding table, which is lined with traditional Japanese food – sushi, rolls, sashimi, seafood and other Japanese dishes.

If a Russian wedding is put on the table, Russian vodka, then put it here instead of sake. In the wedding menu can include a variety of Japanese dishes, including sushi but it is necessary. Since Japanese table without land – it is not a Japanese table. Sushi is the most important in the Japanese national cuisine.

Of course, any wedding is complete without a greeting. A Japanese wedding, all the gifts and entertainment should be only in the Japanese style.

Easy Oriental music, delicate aroma and cherry traditional Japanese cuisine – all decorate wedding event and leave a pleasant unforgettable memories of the wedding.